NHS Guidance Puts Your GrandMa and GrandPa at risk

NHS COVID-19.  Is the NHS guidace right for Your Granny or Granddad?

Shopping when they should not…

Recently 10 Downing Steet has issued a guide to every resident in the UK.   That advice for a resident appears to be at odds with that of the NHS for those over seventy. See the guide page 6



1) Those Seventy and over, and any with an underlying health condition or are pregnant

This group – there is a slight difficulty that relates to the wording.  If you look at the layout it suggests that it is for that particular group only and there is no clear reference back to the other sections.

Just the mention of protecting yourself by following the advice above. But there is nothing above just a simple heading.

The page before that is page 4 (The physical booklet is out of sequence and page four talks about symptoms).

As indicated, the pages are not in normal read sequence they are 2, 4, 6 and 7 for the front and 5 3 8 and Front piece (Page 1) for the back.  Just on one piece of paper folded but uncut.

There is a simple statement on page 6

If you need shopping or medication, ask family, friends or neighbours to drop these at the door, or if possible order online.

This advice is at odds with the NHS guidance which implies that going to the shops is fine and therefore the NHS guidance is putting the health of those over seventy, those with underlying health conditions, or anyone that is pregnant at risk.

If you have watched the news on television you will see the death rate that is by far the highest is in the over seventy age group.  Therefore, it would seem logical to keep any person over seventy away from the shops. Quote from NRS Scotland says

“Over 60% of all deaths involving COVID -19 were people aged 75 or over”

Therefore, it is logical that people in this group should be treated differently from the population in general.

It also follows that it is illogical that they follow the same rules as everyone else, especially with a death rate greater than 60%.

You can see the NRS data here National Records of Scotland Statistics  

The NHS Guidance is more clear than that of 10 Downing Street. However, it simply applies the same rules to this group at risk as they are doing for the population at large. That is instead of putting processes in place to actively protect this group they leave people over seventy etc to do the same things.

NHS Guidance those over seventy etc… How to protect yourself from coronavirus is exactly the same as that for the population at large.

Therefore, is the idea to kill off Granny or Granddad, those with underlying health condition and mums to be?

See NHS guidance https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/advice-for-people-at-high-risk/

2). The guidance from 10 Downing Street includes those with severe high risk

The guidance here is clear.  That is you should have received a letter from the NHS.  The missing bit is that one needs to contact your GP in this case. For that group, you should stay at home.

Finally, there is no mention about help for the Disabled – How do they cope and how do retailers work with the disabled etc in this situation. Can any guidance be provided?

Surely help needs to be provided to the weakest in society especially as some are essential workers. How do they get to work?

For completeness below is the advice for the population in general.

3) People healthy in general

– Should stay in
– Shop for essentials, and medical items
– Have one form of exercise a day
– Comply with the two-meter rule
– Should work from home if they can
– If they can’t and are essential workers they can travel

4). Comment from NHS Fife

We have asked NHS Fife to comment on this article and it appears that there has been no one available to comment.

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