Leek and Bacon Soup


8oz Smoked Bacon (derinded and chopped)
Ilb Leeks (trimmed and finely sliced)
8oz Diced Potato
1pt Chicken Stock
2tblsps Fresh Chopped Chives


Dry fry bacon till juices start to run and cook for 2 mins, remove with slotted spoon and set aside. Add leeks and potato to pan, cover and sweat for 5 mins, Stir in the stock and bring to the boil, cover and simmer for 15mins. Cool slightly and blend till smooth. Add chives and bacon and reheat.

Recipe by Grace Gray Fife

Used by the kind permission of Scotland4me

2nd February 2015 – Dalgety Bay Stagecoach buses to Edinburgh and Kirkcaldy all Change

Travelling from Dalgety Bay to Edinburgh at the bus stop opposite Pentland Rise on Monday 2nd February 2015? And you are … looking to catch the X58 to Edinburgh at 9:23?

If so you will have a long wait!   StageCoach have changed the bus times.  You should have tried to catch the X62 at 9:08 .  That is right there is a new service at a new time.  Fortunately,  a X58 will appear at 10:08 and every hour thereafter until 20:08 when the X58 becomes a X62 again.

Below we have extracted most of the services that run through Dalgety Bay to Edinburgh.

However, the X60 still runs stopping at Dalgety Bay Railway Halt. You can find full details of all Dalgety to Kirkcaldy/Edinburgh services from 2nd February here:-


X58  0523
X58  0608
X53  0620
X62  0634
X57 0648
X62 0702
X53 0715
X57 0745
X58 0809
X53 0843
X62 0908
X58 1008
X58 1108 then every hour until
X62 2008  then every hour until the last bus to Edinburgh 2208 and on a Friday 2308